Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Current Projects

I’m currently working on four original projects –”Scars,” “Walkers,” "Trees" and “KolorGirlz.” I'm also collaborating with an artist on another project: "War Narratives."

"Scars" is about the violent marks people have on their bodies and how those scars affect their psyche.  Besides filming and editing the project, I'm designing a three-chambered multimedia (stills, projection and audio) gallery installation and a flash website.

"Walkers" utilizes HD to map immigrant and other subcultures throughout the USA. In addition to filming and editing the project, I’m designing an immersive, interactive multimedia installation for galleries and a video-embedded GPS website.

KolorGirlz” is my feature documentary on transgressive women comedians across the country. It features transgendered, lesbian, Korean, Persian and African-American professional standup comics. I’ve been working on it for several years and am now in post-production. KolorGirlz is fiscally sponsored by IFP/NY and was workshopped at the Latino Producer’s Academy in Santa Fe.

"Trees" is a series of stills on dead, desiccated or seasonally dormant linden, elm, maple and oak trees in my neighborhood. 

"War Narratives" is a series collaboration with Performance Artist Kathryn Howell. The character portrayed in this project is dealing with the realities of war. On the home front. In a there and then when women had fewer options than they do in the here and now.

Photos copyright R. Mighty 2007 - 2010