Artists' Statement
Public New Media Art Project
Wraparound Projection Video Installation, Manual Live User Interface and  Interactive Video-Embedded GPS Webmap

by Roberto Mighty

Turks in Berlin. Koreans in New York. Muslims in Copenhagen. Vietnamese in Boston.

Cities attract waves of immigrants. In the first generation, immigrants often settle in specific neighborhoods, creating ethnic enclaves and discrete subcultures within larger communities. There are many visual, aural and olfactory clues as to the existence of such districts, including posters in a foreign language, non-mainstream religious iconography, ethnic food shops on commercial boulevards and "for sale" signs on local lawns and condominium complexes. 

Of great interest to me, however, are the immigrants themselves. Specifically, their appearance as they walk in public.

Walkers is a high-definition, slow motion video meditation on the expressions, gaits, attitudes, wardrobe, interactions and affect of immigrant pedestrians as they walk, rollerblade, wheelchair, bicycle or skateboard through ethnic enclaves and majority districts in and around major cities.

Production on Walkers began in the Fall of 2009, with filming in four cities. Phase 1 Production and Post-Production is ongoing through 2010.

For the gallery installation of
, I am researching/designing an interactive installation interface. I have already successfully tested the interactive video-embedded GPS webmap interface. 
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