I am a Filmmaker/New Media artist/Musician. I work in HD, photography, music, spoken word and audio design.

I'm an Adjunct Professor at Emerson College's Visual and Media Arts department and an MFA candidate at the Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University.

I've written, produced and directed 65 half hours of ABC network affiliate and independent television; produced two musical albums, written 150 original musical compositions for TV, corporate film and video; and directed over 50 audiobooks for major publishers. 

My commercial production company site, Celestial Media, has video samples of my recent work for clients such as Harvard Medical School, MIT's Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Science, Boston Scientific, Corporation 2020 and Berklee College of Music.

At this point I'm interested in applying my creative and technical expertise to fine art projects, cinema and public media.

My partner and I have a jazz vocal/guitar duo, "Roberto and Kathryn." Check out our album "Don't Explain" on iTunes, Amazon and CDbaby. You can see our latest videos, Mp3's and upcoming live shows at www.robertoandkathryn.com 

My funky solo album, "KiTCHEN MuSIC" is available on iTunes, Amazon and CDbaby

If you like food, check out my "Kitchen Musician" blog. It's about making music in the kitchen and healthy eating -- specifically, thinking glycemically instead of calorie-wise. 

If you like delicious ethnic cuisines of all kinds, check out my "FoodNinjas" posts on YouTube. This one on my visit to an Ethiopian restaurant is pretty popular. No, that's not my car. Wish it was...

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