Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Audience Loves TREES.

On Tuesday, the Newton Free Library hosted a sneak preview screening of “Trees of My City”  Roberto Mighty’s new film about  family, trees and the meaning of life...and death. Below are quotes from response cards and email...

“Wow. Didn’t know I could be so mesmerized by Trees!”

“Thank you! I love trees. Now I love dead trees.”

“It is splendid and lyrical!”

“Great use of humor!”

“Great integration of family story with the natural world.”

“What a fabulous project! I thoroughly enjoyed your work.”

“I loved the movie. Still thinking about it. I'll be at the January premiere.”

Trees of My City played to a packed house, unusual for a midweek library presentation. The audience, ranging in age from teens to elders, responded to elements of love, obsession, science, spirituality and ecology. Many wrote heartfelt notes to the filmmaker, and responses are still coming in.  

Mark your calendars now for the High-Definition surround sound multimedia installation of Trees of My City at The Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University on Saturday, January 22, 2011.

More audience reactions will be added to this website over the next several days. Some audience members wrote long and thoughtful notes, including suggestions, their own stories about Trees and things they'd like to see changed in the final version.

“Super! Thank you.”

“Very touching.”

“Loved the film - Thank you.”

“Trees, trees, glorious trees!”

“I connected with your sense of awe and spiritual connection towards trees, especially leafless trees.”

“Great Job!  Thanks from the Trees.”

“An unusual idea but it worked.”

“I really like the bird time & tree time segments! That made me think about time differently.”

“Congratulations on the wonderful success of last night's sneak preview.”

Thanks to all who attended and wrote (and are still writing.)

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