Thursday, February 11, 2010

War Narratives Series. Cinematic Stills. 2010

The War Narratives series is a collaboration between Performance Artist Kathryn Howell and myself. The character portrayed in this initial diptych is dealing with the realities of war. On the home front. In a there and then when women had fewer options than they do in the here and now.

She does what she has to do. What would you do? What would you not do? Don't answer so quickly.

The War Narratives series addresses not the heroic deeds on the battlefields...but the mundane, unheralded daily struggle for the survival of human dignity.

No machine guns. No foxholes. No territory lost and gained. Instead: Rent. Food. Shoes for children. Medicine for the elderly. Resistance. Submission. Victimization. Predation. Time. Memory. Ritual. Dignity. No less hard-fought. No less glorious.

The War Narratives series is inspired by history, current events and cultural touchstones such as Lina Wertmuller's Italian film "Seven Beauties;"  Edwidge Danticat's book "Brother, I'm Dying;"  and Letyat zhuravli's Russian film, "The Cranes Are Flying."

Our series visually locates these issues in a common western memory, mid 20th century. But it's been happening for millennia, and is taking place throughout the world, right now.

We agreed that we would make no judgements on the character with this series. We would seek only to present her situations as we feel them.

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